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series and subjects

Collage is a distinct part of modern art.  It is the combination of pieces of diverse materials and media into one composition. Collage allows artists to explore and experiment with creating new, exciting and often unexpected results.

Deanna Hansen Fine Art_Acrylic Collage

Acrylic Collage

Animal's help us when we are depressed, sick, blind, deaf, and in therapy.  They entertain us by their playful humor. Most important, they care for us and give us companionship. Even a painting can bring joy in our home, office, or with animal charities.

wildlife & pet portraits

Deanna Hansen Fine Art_Animals


high quality


contemporary paintings

The use of different media in the creation of one work allows for greater versatility and a rich viewer experience as the eye uncovers multiple layers and the message conveyed. Mixed media contributes to its popularity in contemporary art.

Deanna Hansen Fine Art_Mixed Media


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